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September 2010 - Newsletter 95

Sherborne Christmas Concerts & New Year Party

That's another year zapped past at a high rate of knots. I watched the lady down at Rules in Sherborne blanch when I went to ask her if she would sell Christmas tickets for us again this year. Summer holidays are gone and past, Christmas can't be far away.

The dates for the concerts are the 17th and 18th of December and tickets will be on sale from the 1st of October. Prices are £8 for adults and £6.50 for children and senior citizens. Tickets for New Year are £12 each. You can buy them from the aforementioned 'Rules', which is opposite Marsh's Electrical in Cheap Street. Alternatively you can buy them from our web shop, send for them by writing to Downside, Sheeplands Lane, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4BW (cheques to 'The Yetties' please) or ring 01935 814611/ 814667/813890.

Bring your own hampers of nosebag to the New Year Ceilidh. Some people bring a wheel barrow load others are content with a packet of crisps. The choice is yours. Please don't bring your own booze though, there is a bar and we want the bar staff to smile at us don't we!!!!!?

The Digby Hall is bang in the middle of the town but the one way systems can cause consternation and we don't want any of that at Christmas. If you are in any doubt as to its whereabouts drop me a line and I will send you a map.

Retirement & Yetties Final Fling Weekend

I neglected to say in May that these events will take place in our usual venue in Sherborne, The Digby Hall. We tried to hire The Albert Hall but they don't seem to understand our financial restrictions. The dates are the 8th, 9th and 10th of April, 2011. I still have some tickets for the Friday Night Ceilidh (£10 each) and for the Sunday afternoon gathering and sale (£2.50 each) but I'm quite amazed to say that tickets for the Saturday night Concert sold out in a flash. The tickets that are left are available from the web site or send a cheque made out to 'The Yetties' to Downside, Sheeplands Lane, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4BW.

Friends are descending on Sherborne from all over the place and the B & Bs and hotels are doing a roaring trade. If you haven't booked a bed and you want to stay best get in touch with Sherborne Tourist Information on 01935 815341


I don't think we've felt so wanted since the early professional days in the late 60's when we were belting up and down the country in beat up old Humbers. The police used to stop us regularly and enquire just what were doing out late at night in an old banger and what do you have in the boot of your car? I think the record was three times in one night while driving from Birmingham to Dorset. I bought an autograph book one time so they could all sign it. We are already going to venues for the last time and nostalgia is dripping off the trees. People are so kind and complimentary it's a bit blush making really. Yetminster Fair was particularly moving but we will be going back there with our stall in the High Street next year.

LPs to CD

I'm making quite a lot of these now. While I was putting them on the computer I, naturally, had to listen to them all once again to make sure they were OK and I came to the conclusion that we did a pretty fair job one way and the other.

50 Stone of Loveliness 1969 Who's A'fear'd 1970 Keep A Runnin' 1970 Our Friends 1971 The World of Irish Dancing 1971 Dorset is Beautiful 1972 Mornin' All (backing Bob Arnold, Tom Forrest of the Archers) 1972 All at Sea 1973 Up in Arms (with Sherborne Town Band) 1974 The Yetties of Yetminster 1975 The World of The Yetties 1975 Let's Have a Party 1975 The Village Band (with Sherborne Town Band) 1976 Up Market 1977 Dorset Style 1978 Focus On Double Album 1978 In Concert 1979 A Little Bit of Dorset 1981 A Proper Job 1981 Cider & Song 1983 The Sound of Cricket (with John Arlott) 1984 The Yetties 1986

There's not room in the Newsletter to put every track for all these LPs but I do have lists I can e mail to you or post if you are interested. I don't keep the CDs in stock but give me a couple of days and I will make them for you. The cost is £6 per CD (including post & packing) for the single LPs and £10 for the Focus On double. For some customers I have done the whole collection of 23 and for this the charge is £120. Cheques to 'The Yetties' please at the address below.

Yetties LPs

If you don't want to go the CD route or would like to collect the LPs as well then I have the following in stock: Keep a Runnin' Our Friends Dorset Is Beautiful All At Sea The World of The Yetties Up In Arms The Yetties of Yetminster Let's Have a Party Up Market In Concert Proper Job A Little Bit of Dorset The Yetties Dorset Style Mornin' All with Bob Arnold

We sell these for £6 each including post and packing. Cheques to Halsway Manor Society Ltd.

Nostalgia DVD 'Fifty Golden Ye'rs'

We are still ploughing on with this but 6 months into the editing there's a fair old way to go. Is it going to be a double DVD or a single DVD? We don't know that yet. So much information has gone into the computer that I wonder it's not blown a fuse or whatever they use. That rhymes!!! I can tell you that Uncle Charl has come out of retirement to introduce the film and he has now gone back into the loft. Maybe we can sell him to someone on the afternoon of the 11th of April. I'm sure he would compost down quite well, his clothes certainly would. I will let you know as soon as the DVD is available, price etc. if you send me your address, Tel. No. or e mail. I did collect quite a few contact points at Yetminster Fair and I can add you to the list.

Doing the Dorset Dirt

To be honest I did contemplate giving this a miss this year (rhyme again) but then a chap came to the door asking for cash for The Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance and I succumbed, without too much arm twisting, to have another bash at it. The ride is over a fifty kilometre route around the bridle ways of Dorset. Mud, flood, ruts, rocks, fields, hills long and hills steep avoiding inquisitive cows and the odd gorse bush. And, I almost forgot, electrified fencing. I did receive a belt last year while opening a gate. Did I get any sympathy? Did I hell!!!

If you would like to help the old legs along you can donate by sending a cheque made out to 'M. J. Sartin' (that's my official title) to the address at the bottom of the page. I will make sure the money reaches the air ambulance. I might even persuade them to follow me round the course.

P.O. Box

This is no longer operational please write to: Downside, Sheeplands Lane, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4BW.