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September 1996 - Newsletter 53

Here I am sat at home in the middle of August with the sun shining both sides of the hedges and the butterflies flapping around the garden and what am I writing? The Newsletter that takes us up to CHRISTMAS. The world's gone mad and the year's gone like a dose of salts. Still that's life with the turbo-prop set.

We are about to embark on a couple of the silliest weeks of our careers. Guess who organised this lot. On the 24th August we are in Sark. This means driving to Southampton, flying to Guernsey, taxi to the docks and boat to Sark with a concert that night. Next day very early start to reverse the process and drive home to pick up Richard Helson of fiddle fame and then proceed to Cirencester Park for the National Caravan and Camping Club Rally. Stay in Cirencester that night and then go to Buckingham for an early evening Ceilidh (6pm start) in Bourton Park. Home that night then down to Weymouth for the Tuesday. Early start again to catch midday flight from Heathrow to Newfoundland where we reside for a week. Fly back overnight on the 4th September, home for the evening then off to Walton on the Naze for 3 days. It's a grand life if you don't weaken as my mother used to say.

In between whiles we have been filming around Dorset for our new video which we hope to launch in early November. Locations so far include The Nothe Fort, Weymouth; Dorchester Military Museum; The Tythe Barn Museum, Abbotsbury; The Cider Museum, Owermoigne; Shaffesbury; The Rare Breeds Museum (as was), Gillingham; Various sights on the old Somerset & Dorset Railway; The Crown Inn, Sherborne and sundry fields, barns and hedgerows. Thanks to Snowy the cow and various other animals (tame and otherwise) who have appeared and performed for us.

I must say people are very cooperative.'ls this cannon in your way sir? Can we move it for you?' etc. Farmer Amor here in Sherborne let us roll his straw bales around all over the place. (They do move quite easily you know) and Peter & Isabelle down at The Crown let us wreck the place for a few hours when we filmed 'A Load of Old Bales'.

At the moment the planned title for the video is 'All Over Dorset' and it will be the same price as 'Journey Tho' the Purbecks' and 'Yetminster Fair'. Titles include 'Over the Hills and Far Away'; 'The Farmer's Boy'; 'Buttercup Joe'; 'Chickens'; 'The Old S & D'; 'A Load of Old Bales'; 'Grandfather's Clock'; 'Costa Del Dorset'; 'The Punch & Judy Man'; 'Fill Up the Cider Cup' and 'The Broom Dance'.

We'll be running our usual Christmas Shows at The Digby Hall, Sherborne on the 13th and 14th December and the New Year Knees Up on the 31st. All three events start at 8 pm and tickets (Adults 5.50/Children and OAPs 4.50 for the concerts and 7.00 for the New Year) can be obtained from the P0 Box if you live away or from The Abbey Pharmacy at the bottom of Cheap Street if you are in or around Sherborne. Yeovil people can buy them at The Sweeterie, Glovers Walk. Cheques payable to 'The Yetties' please.

It's Singalong time again at The Spinney Hill Hall on the 20th and 21st December. This will be the 21st anniversary year and we are hoping our Northampton Borough Council pension scheme is coming along nicely. After all there can't be many on the staff who have worked for them longer than us. Maybe a golden handshake, gold watch, commemorative cracker, lead balloon..............

For some years now I have been going out to local organisations and doing talks about The Yetties travels, how we started etc. I take along a few photos and bits of memorabilia (gold disc etc.) and natter on about some of the daft things that have happened to us over the years. If anyone is interested drop a line to the P0 Box.