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September 2006 - Newsletter 83

Yetties Christmas Singalong Concerts and New Year Party in Sherborne
Concert nights are Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of December. Our special guest is Tony Beard 'The Wag from Widecombe' who is the very best West Country Comedian around. He has had his own show on Radio Devon for some years but it's not often he travels to foreign parts. You are in for a real treat.

The New Year Party is, funnily enough, on the 31st. All three events start at 8p.m. and will be at The Digby Hall as usual. Tickets will be on sale from the middle of October and can be purchased from 'Rules' which is bang in the middle of Sherborne, almost opposite Woolworths in Cheap Street. Alternatively you can buy them from our web shop or ring 01935 814611, 814667 or 813890. For the concert they are 7 for adults and 6 for children and senior citizens. The New Year Tickets are all 12 each. We don't supply food at New Year so bring your own nosebag. This varies depending on your needs. Some tables groan with the weight of the food and others are content with a snack. Don't bring your own booze though otherwise I will get it in the neck. There is a very well stocked bar.

'40 Years of The Yetties' Commemorative Calendar for 2007
These are 5 each with an additional 75p post and packing. Cheques to 'The Yetties' naturally. Or, of course, you can buy them from the web shop. Naturally enough if you wish to purchase a bundle of them for Christmas Presents (how can your nearest and dearest get along without one) we will do a deal. Drop me an e mail to the address above or ring 01935 814611. I just love wheeling and dealing.

Yetties at Halsway Manor DVD
We managed to get this out for Yetminster (8th of July) where the supply rapidly dwindled. By the evening I was taking orders for the next batch. It's a full 1 hour 20 minutes long and is a real insight into what goes on at our residential weekends.

Yetties at Halsway Manor
We have our usual weekend at Halsway in February but this is already sold out. However, next year, from Monday July the 9th to Friday 13th we are down there again. This will be rather more of a holiday for those who book. You won't get wall to wall Yetties like you do in February (did I hear a sigh of relief). There will be plenty of dancing, singing and general cavorting but you will have spare time to explore the countryside and Halsway is ideally situated for this. The Quantock Hills are out the back door, Minehead, Watchet, Dunster, Exmoor and The West Somerset Railway are all within easy reach. If you are interested give the Manor a ring on 01984 618274.

Old Yetties LPs
LPs in stock at the moment are: Keep A Runnin'; Our Friends The Yetties; Dorset Is Beautiful; The World of The Yetties; The Yetties of Yetminster; The Village Band; Up In Arms; Up Market; In Concert; and A Little Bit of Dorset. If you would like any of these to add to your collection please ring 01935 814611. They cost 5 each plus 1 P. & P. Cheques to Halsway Manor.

The money from the sale of the LPs has kept us in materials to refurbish the book stock and catalogue labels, ink etc. We have also been able recently to purchase 15 new books. They work out at an average of 10 a time. So thank you very much. We are also being given considerable quantities of books, records, CDs etc. so I am now up to over 2000 entries on the database.

Memory Lane
In the early days we were much in demand at Folk Festivals. It was a booming scene and I think the record for us was 14 in one year. I can remember going straight from Sidmouth (a shattering experience in itself) to Falmouth where we danced, played for dances, sang, morris danced and I can even remember being hauled in to do some Playford Dancing at a concert and not having the foggiest idea which direction to go. I was in costume so maybe no one recognised the one with the three left feet. From Falmouth we drove to Penzance to catch the Scillonian for The Isles of Scilly Festival. Now this old boat rolled in the best of weather and we were treated to a full, hearty gale. One passenger fell over and broke his leg, it was that severe. We arrive in St. Mary's absolutely drenched and completely out on our feet (that's polite isn't it). We staggered down the street and knocked on the door of the Festival organiser. His wife came down and almost fainted when she saw four beggars on her doorstep. We explained who we were and she graciously let us in and offered us a cup of tea. Four voices chorused yes, yes, yes, yes please but by the time she had made it we were all fast asleep. Fortunately we were on the island for three days. This gave us time to recover and we even joined in the Carnival. I can't remember what as, maybe flotsam and jetsam. That would certainly have been appropriate.

Doing the Dorset Dirt
On the 17th of September I will be attempting The Dorset Dirt which is a thirty-mile off road cycle ride on the bridle ways of Dorset. These are mainly chalk and flint tracks. The scenery is lovely, Dorset at it's best but I have a feeling that, on the occasion, I may be watching where the front wheel goes rather than counting the deer and gazing at the view. The object is to raise money for two charities, Dorset Association for the Disabled and The Children of Fiji. We are Co-Presidents of the first and the second is run by two dedicated friends who live in the village of Cattistock. They have made a big difference to many schools in Fiji, supplying books and basic equipment for the pupils. They also raised the funds to build a bridge over a river, buy a boat for another class of pupils who couldn't otherwise get to school and are now in the process of supplying fresh water to another establishment. Most of the items are shipped by container for free and Quantas, the Australian airline, also flies lighter items to Sydney for no charge.

Any money I raise will be split down the middle. So far you generous folk have given me 480. If there is anyone else out there who would like to help my little legs go faster then you can send a cheque made out to 'M. J. Sartin' to the PO Box or just hang on and bung some cash in my pot at a concert somewhere. Thanks very much. Bonny

New CD 'The Vigilante'
This is Bonny's new CD with 17 of his poems and 3 songs written over the last few years.