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January 1996 - Newsletter 51

It's always the same. Every year at the start of the 3rd week in January I sit down at the typwriter and play this game called 'Stir the grey matter' or, to give it it's other title 'Bang Both Brain Cells Together'. I stare at the keys for a while the I have to lie down for 20 minutes because of the strain. Then back to the desk (with a bit of luck the phone will ring and delay thins a little). After that I try to focus the eyeballs once more. Must be time for coffee, that should do the trick. Make it strong, a double dose of caffeine should make me twitch a bit. Wait for a while for it to take effect. Then, Bingo I pound into action and type those immortal words THE YETTIS NEUSLITTER NO 45 51.

I hope you all enjoyed 'Throw Another Log On The Fire' Radio 2, Christmas Eve. I must say it was a great pleasure working with Isla St. Clair who, apart from her bubbly personality, is very professional and has a lovely voice. I though, all things considered, that the recording went remarkably well but as I staggered of the stage brain dead and boggle eyed out mate Nick Sampford said, 'That was the funniest show I've ever seen you do'. One of these days I would love to be a fly on the wall just to see what actually happens. All we get to hear is the final edited version, on the night it's all a bit of a blur.

Many thanks to those who turned out to clap, holler and sing on what was a nasty night weather wise. Apologies to those who tried to get tickets but couldn't get in. In fact we could have filled Bridport Arts Centre three times over.