The Yetties

May 2009 - Newsletter 91

Along the River Piddle
This project has been trickling along in the background for a couple of years now. The last two summers have been absolutely horrible for filming and, although it's great to have a few shots of spectacular flooding, you don't want to see it all the time. At last it's coming to fruition and we are well into the editing. Pete, Mac and Richard have been over to the studio to record some music especially for the film and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. There's still a bit of water dripping from the roof of the tunnel but not enough to put us off.

The route is Alton Pancras, Piddletrenthide, Piddlehinton (including the Piddle Brewery), Puddletown, Athelhampton House, Tolpuddle, Affpuddle, Briantspuddle, Turner's Puddle, A slight detour to Bere Regis, Trigon Estate, Wareham and Poole Harbour. How Dorset can you get? We were very honoured to be given a free run of Athelhampton House and gardens. It really is in a most beautiful setting with the River Piddle running through the northern part of the grounds.
We will have them on sale by Yetminster Fair time.

Yetminster Fair - 11th of July 2009
A splendid day out for all the family. Loads of bargains in the afternoon and our concert in the marquee in the evening. For concert tickets contact Ron and June Page, 3 Bucklers Mead, Yetminster, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 6LA. Tel. 01935 872940. For any other information, camping, hiring a stall for the afternoon etc. contact Garth Hentley, Clare Cottage, High Street, Yetminster, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 6LF. Tel. 01935 873239. If you need accommodation locally then a phone call to Sherborne Tourist Information on 01935 815341 will sort you out.

LPs to CD (please note I've added the last 6 on the list since January))

50 Stone of Loveliness, 1969
Bound for Baltimore, To Hear The Nightingale Sing, The Maypole, The Hunt, Rounding The Horn, Farming Contractor, Outward Bound, Music Medley, The Leaf, The Nightingale.

All At Sea, 1973
Hornpipe Medley, Spanish Ladies, Fiddler's Green, The Mermaid, The Watchet Sailor, 3 Sea Captains, Aboard The Kangaroo, Can't You Dance The Polka, Ranter's Wharf, Greenland Whale Fisheries, Concertina Medley, Stormalong, The Quaker, The Banks of Newfoundland, The Candlelight Fisherman, Homeward Bound.

Up In Arms, 1974 (with Sherborne Town Band)
Seigfried Line Medley, Old King Cole, Browned Off, Sgt. Major Medley, Colonel Bogey, Bloody Orkney, Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire, Bless 'Em All, Quartermaster's Stores, Position Capabilities Description, Peat Bog Soldiers, Any Complaints?, Guarding The Home Of The Homeguard, D Day Dodgers, Soldiers Ten Commandments, Pack Up Your Troubles Medley.

The Yetties of Yetminster, 1975
Gypsy Rover, Bandy Bertha, One Morning In May, Widecombe Fair, Downfield's Delight, Bread & Fishes, Gentleman Soldier, Monday Morning, Fling It 'Ere Fling It There, The Marrow, Lord Of The Dance, Beau Psaltery, Farming Contractor, Trelawney.

The World of The Yetties, 1975
Out In The Green Fields, The Nightingale, McCann's Jig/Lilting Fisherman/Drowsy Maggie, The Lark In The Morning, Spanish Ladies, Rigs O'Marlow/Cuckoo's Nest, Can't You Dance The Polka, Lamorna, King Of The Fairies, South Australia, The Mallard, The Banks Of Newfoundland, Dorset Four Hand Reel, Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl.

The Village Band, 1976 (with Sherborne Town Band)
The Village Band, Compliments Returned, Cigareetes & Whusky, Brigg Fair, Our Sarah, Henry My Son, Parson's Farewell/Linden Lea, Farmer's Boy, Whistling Rufus, Barley Mow, Costa Del Dorset, The January Man, The Jolly Ploughboy, Granny's Old Arm Chair, The Parting Glass.

Up Market, 1977
Barwick Green, Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song, Punch & Judy Man, On Horseback, Shrewsbury Lasses, Old Lamplighter, Have A Drink On Me, Padstow May Song, Seven Golden Daffodils, Life Gets Tee-jus Don't It, Portsmouth, Roving Kind, On A Beach Down In Dorset, Come Outside (with Toni Arthur).

The Sound of Cricket, 1984 (with John Arlott)
Cricket On The Village Green, John Small, Hambledon/Stonewall Jack, The Old Cricketer/I Keeps It There Or There About, The Flower Bowler, The High Catch, The Master/A Tickle Of Me Spinnin' Finger, Four Jolly Bowlers, Harold Gimblett's Hundred, Somerset/Beefy's Army.

Dorset is Beautiful 1972
Country Medley, Fill Up The Cider Cup, The Shepherd's Song, The Tailor's Breeches, Dancing At The Manor, No Sir No, The Blackbird, Home Dearest Home, Diggery Venn, Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl, Dancing On The Green, The Country Carrier, The Mallard, The Storyteller, Buttercup Joe, The Nutting Girl, Dorset Is Beautiful

Our Friends 1971
Aunt Hessie's White Horse/Vila Fiord, Out In The Green Fields, Lamorna, Merry Blacksmith/Sheehan's Reel/Colonel Rodney, Towersey Fair, Flop Eared Mule/Hen & Chickens, Rolling Hills Of The Border, Rodney's Glory, Sweet Thyme, Santa Anna, Derry Hornpipe/Bottom Of The Punchbowl, The Lark In The Morning, Kelly's Joy/The Teetotaler, The Dreadnought, The King Of The Fairies, The Dancers Of Stanton Drew, Shandon Bells/Father Kelly's Jig/The Swallows Nest, The Threshing Machine.

A Little Bit of Dorset 1981
The New Rigged Ship/The Soldier's Joy/The Fairy Dance, Poor Poor Farmer, The Bell Ringing, The Beggar's Song, Windmills, Back N Back Yer You, Gypsy Woman, The Life Of A Man, The Last Rose Of Summer/The Bloody Fields Of Flanders, Nellie The Elephant, My Grandfather's Clock, Levi Jackson's Rag, The Grey Hawk, Curate & The Vicar, The Ruined Maid, Needlecases, Us Poor Fellows, John Peel.

In Concert 1979
Razzamatazz, Roll Alabama Roll, Farmer Farmer Won't You Marry Me?, The Scarecrow, Suzannah's A Funny Old Man, The Lark In The Clear Air, Dorset Fore-arm Smash, Dad's Medals, Lucky Knickers, The Village Pump, My Little Lisa, Five Drunken Nights, The Sailor Cut Down In His Prime, Sailing On The Briny Sea, Sylveste, Dancing Days, Alabama Jubilee.

A Proper Job 1981
Singing All The Way, Beaumont Rag, Jolly Ploughboys, Ball Of Yarn, Romance, John Barleycorn, Primrose Polka, Linden Lea, The Scarlet & The Blue, Astley's Ride/Balquidder Lasses, The Wanderer, Rose In June, Bluebell Polka, Ee Weren't All Bad, Lilliburlero, Dorsetshire Hornpipe, Early One Evening, Farewell She, Frost Is All Over/High Level Reel.

Mornin' All 1972. Bob Arnold (Tom Forrest of The Archers) with us doing the backing vocals and music
Jim The Carter's Lad, The Jolly Waggoner, Postponed, Stow Fair, Needle Cases, Poor Old Horse, As I Was Going To Banbury, Turmit Hoeing, Where The Violets Are Blue, Three Maidens A Milking, When Jone's Ale Was New, The Rest Of The Day's Your Own, Richard Of Taunton Deane, The Bell Ringers.

Who's A'fear'd? 1970
Pretty Nancy of Weymouth, Brewer Laddie, Cattistock Hunt, Thomas Hardy Music Medley, Grey Hawk, Ye Mariners All, Concertina Medley, Dorset Militia Song, Nellie Was a Milkmaid, Dorset 4 Hand Reel, Sailor Cut Down in His Prime, Comfort of Man, Home Dearest Home.

Keep A Runnin' 1970
Fairy Dance/Breakdown, Broadside Man, Whip Jamboree, Exmoor Hunt Song, Peasant's Revolt, Yeller Girls, Good English Ale, McCann's Jig/Lilting Fisherman/Drowsy Maggie, Nightingale, Sound of the Drum, Five Foot Flirt, Dunpy's Hornpipe, Take Your Time, South Australia, Corpus Christi Carol, Let the Bulgine Run.

World of Irish Dancing (as O'Dalaigh's Ceili Band) 1971
Spanish Lady/Teetotaller/Mason's Apron, Harvest Home/Kingston Hornpipe/Sunshine Hornpipe, Frost is all Over/Blackthorne Stick/Swallows Nest, Slieve Gallon Braes/Wild Colonial Boy/Green Glens of Antrim, All the way to Galway/Boys of Wexford/Roddy McCorley, The Hunt, Kelly's Jig/Foxhunter's Jig/Drops of Brandy, Jimmy Allan/Sally Gardens/Drowsie Maggie, Kelly the Boy from Killane/Minstrel Boy/Lass of Bon Accord, Believe Me if all those Endearing Young Charms/Bendemeer's Stream/Star of the County Down, Rakes of Kildare/Munster Butttermilk/Irish Washerwoman, Madam Bonaparte, Boys of Bluehill/Sligo Fancy/Smith's Favourite, The Scholar/Sheehan's Reel/Peter Street.

Let's Have a Party 1975
Drunken Sailor, Tavern in the Town Medley, Scotland the Brave/Gay Gordons/Atholl Highlanders, Billy Boy, A Roving, Tavistock Goosey Fair, Greensleeves/Shepherd Oh Shepherd, Round Britain Medley, It's a Fine Thing to Sing, I Touched Her on the Toe, Chickens, Cock Robin, Camp Fire Medley, Hokey Cokey, Last Waltz Medley.

Cider & Song 1983
I Wish I Were Back on the Farm, Come Stranger Come Friend, Speed the Plough/ Waterloo Dance, Sheepstealer, All for Me Grog, Leanin', Under the Double Eagle, Freezy, Bournemouth, Farewell to Devon/Margaret's Waltz, Shoemaker's Kiss, Nightingale Story, Dead Dog Scrumpy, When I leave the World Behind, Zummer Evenin' Dance/Dorset 4 Hand Reel, Beautiful Dorset.

The Yetties 1986
Over the Hills & Far Away, Rabbit, Winter, John Barleycorn, Polka Medley, I live Not Where I Love, We've Got Oil, Sally the Salvage Queen, The Man at the Nore, Carolina Moon/Beautiful Dreamer, Bread & Cheese & Kisses, Wave Over Wave, Long Pond, Praise O' Dorset.

These can be purchased at £6 each (including post & packing) from the PO Box. If your favourite is not on the list please let us know. I will be adding to it gradually so your choice can be next on the list.


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