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January 2003 - Newsletter 72

Projects for 2003
Apart from the usual trotting up and down the country we always have to have something else up our sleeves to keep us out of mischief. This life is never dull if there is something around the corner.

We will be starting rehearsals for the new Grasmere Music CD very soon. Thank you for all your suggestions as to what it should include. I reckon there have been nigh on 80 tracks of music and song put forward so we will definitely not be short of material the only problem is editing them out so that we get a good balanced finished product. Some songs such as 'The Punch & Judy Man' are a must. It disappeared from our catalogue when 'Out In the Green Fields' was discontinued and people keep asking for it. It's one of those songs we've sung thousands of times but the pleasure of performing it never wears off. We will be in the studio from March 17th - 21st. Wish us luck.

When the weather cheers up a bit Jenny and Phil Biggs and I will be out with the camera again chatting people up for the second part of the 'River Frome' video. We have already done one interview just where the river runs into Poole Harbour. There is huge Roman pottery sight there. You literally couldn't move without treading on bits of Roman pot and we were very lucky to get in and film the kilns and the archaeologists at work before the sight was covered over again. We learnt of the excavation while filming our tame Roman Legionary in Dorchester for part one. The great thing about these projects is that everyone seems so willing to help, one story seems to lead to the next.

Christmas CD
We have had several goes over the years at persuading record companies that a Yetties Christmas recording would be a good bet but they have all been very wary about the short selling period so in the end we decided to go it alone. We certainly did the right thing there. Response has been tremendous partly due to an interview I did for Radio Solent at 7.35a.m. one Saturday morning just before Christmas. I must confess I did mutter to myself a little bit about the hour, especially as we had a fairly hectic day and late night on the Friday. I heaved myself out of bed good and early, knocked back a couple of mugs of tea so that the vocal chords would function and waited for the phone to ring. It all went very smoothly and no sooner had I snuggled back into bed than the phone rang again. 'Please mister can I have one of your Christmas CDs' was the message and from then on the phone didn't stop. By the time I'd finished posting them all off the Post Office staff must have thought I was feeling very generous and full of Christmas spirit.

'Children of Fiji' Charity
I'm delighted to say that your donations via our sponsored walk have now gone beyond the 700 mark. You really are the most generous people. Margaret and Peter Long who run the charity went out to Fiji for six weeks before Christmas and spent their time distributing books, stationery, etc. Fiji is not just one island, there are many scattered over a large area. To visit one particular school on Taveuni, for instance, involved a 12 hour overnight boat trip, followed by another 6 hour sea journey in a howling gale. Margaret and Peter really are the most dynamic duo I know. As soon as they got home they started collecting again. I can only admire such tenacity and wish them all the best for 2003.

Old Yetties LPs
My stock of these turns over at a high rate of knots and Halsway Manor Library benefits from the cash raised. If you have any you wish to pass on to good homes or would like to purchase some please ring 01935 814611.

Yetminster Fair - Saturday, 12th of July
Yes, I know it's early, but if you wish for information, tickets, camping facilities etc. then you need to get in contact with Derek Mott, Stonechat, High Street, Yetminster, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 6LF. Tel. 01935 872123. If you wish to book a stall for the actual Fair to raise money for your particular charity or just to sell your own products Derek is also the man.

Halsway Manor Weekend 21st/23rd February
The beds in the actual house are sold out for this weekend but they might be able to put you up in local bed and breakfast if you are keen to come along. If you can't make the whole weekend you can join us for the Saturday night concert. Halsway Manor is the most delightful small Manor House you will ever come across and a visit is well worth while. If you want information about songs, music etc. then the library is there for you to do your research. For information, tickets etc. ring Halsway on 01984 618274.

New Bus
At some time in the next month or two Gordon Fry at West End Garage, Bruton is going to find us a new bus to replace the Mercedes we bought a couple of years ago. You would think with Mercedes reputation we were fairly safe in our decision to buy it but nothing could be further from the truth. It has more Gremlins than 'Ghostbusters' and despite the fact it has the three-pointed star on the bonnet Mercedes won't or can't do anything about it. They seem to have disowned it and it's costing us a fortune. Not to mention the fact that every morning I get up wondering what new malfunction it's going to throw at me today. Out first motorised transport was the Sartin family 1933 Ford 8 and I swear it was more reliable. Please note Mercedes KISS stands for 'Keep It Simple Stupid'. Don't build things you can't mend!

Cutting from a recent Sidmouth Herald
'Memory Lane, 25 Years Ago'

News Story: Some people will go to any length to see their favourite band playing, but for one 18 year old, Irene Marshall, travelling 580 miles from Scotland to Sidmouth had to be a record by local standards.

Irene, who originated from Sidmouth, first became a fan of the folk group The Yetties when she saw them play at the Sidmouth Folk Festival. During the festival she also met local resident Lorna McCrum with whom she kept in contact to find out the latest news on the band. When the Herald advertised The Yetties gig at the Radway Cinema Lorna sent Irene a cutting, not expecting she would want to come. Lorna was surprised to receive a telephone call asked her to get a ticket. Irene herself was in for a surprise when at the start of the gig she was given a bouquet of flowers by the band.

The gig itself was organised by the Sidmouth Round Table and raised 375 for a Christmas party for the elderly.

'Now there's dedication for you, I wonder where Lorna and Irene are now'