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D-Day Remembered

D-Day Remembered


The D-Day period In June 1944 will be remembered by many as a time of personal tragedy and loss, but despite the trauma and sadness, D-Day is remembered as the beginning of the end of war in Europe.

In what became one of the most dramatic and daring operations of the Second World War, a concentrated effort by the allied forces made an assault on the Normandy beaches of France to create a Second Front in the fight to rid Europe of Hitlerism.

In this commemorative film we share the memories of; Women who were left behind; the first soldiers on the beaches; those in Operations and those who remember Southern England which had became what amounted to a giant army camp accommodating millions of troops.

Includes many rare archive photographs and contemporary footage of the Normandy beaches and preparations in Britain for the commemoratlon of this solemn yet momentous occasion.

Approximately 40 minutes duration.

11.95 - DVD