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Staines 60

Staines 60


The RT/RF Registerís Tribute To 60 Years of LT Buses

To mark this historic occasion members of the RT/RF Register staged a gathering of no less than 53 ex LT buses at Staines on the 30th May 1993.

This is the official video, produced with the full co-operation of the Register, to commemorate this important event.

Supported by a wealth of archive material the programme gives a fascinating insight into the early years of vehicle design inherited by London Transport after its formation in 1933.

We also take a look at the operational side of LT using historic items to help capture the flavour of this remarkable organization. Specially shot sequences (including LTís Fulwell Garage) give some idea of the typical operating conditions when RT/RFs were in their heyday.

The clock is well and truly turned back as we witness many of these veterans carrying passengers in the busy Staines bank holiday traffic, recalling bus travel in the 1950s.

The delights and difficulties of preservation are highlighted by an RT owner/member, whilst Philip Dale a longtime Register member, owner of RF 517 and previous owner of RT 3496 provides the benefit of his vast knowledge with a highly informative commentary.

Running time: 57 mins. approx.

£16.95 - DVD