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Steam Unlimited - Volume I

Steam Unlimited - Volume I


Steam continues to break new ground with each succeeding year and 1991 proved no exception. The main line fleet has been strengthened by the restoration to working order of several noteworthy locomotives.

Steam has returned to the Cambrian line for the first time in 26 years, as it has also to the Cambridge - King’s Lynn route for (probably) the last time in view of impending electrification. Even the Welsh Valleys have seen main line steam to no less than six destinations!! This remarkable expansion of activities, which have included several important depot open days, have made 1991 a memorable year for the steam enthusiast.

This programme is the first in a series featuring both main line and preserved steam. High quality action and in-depth sequences covering events from May to November 1991 provide the content, augmented by a non-intrusive, but informative commentary by Bill Trite, founder and promoter of the 35027 'Port Line' and 34072 '257 Squadron' restorations.

£17.95 - DVD