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Journey Thro' The Purbecks

Journey Thro' The Purbecks


The famous Dorset Folk Group take a 'walk on the wild side'! Captured on film - a once in a life-time chance to see THE YETTIES being thrown off a train - through lack of cash! With the co-operation of the SWANAGE RAILWAY we followed 'the lads' on their desperate dash to arrive at CORFE CASTLE in time to perform a concert! The only way of course - by train (with stops en route). In honour of the occasion, the M7 took it's first rake of passenger coaches to Corfe Castle in 29 years. Prior to this THE YETTIES must work for their fare - cleaning, lighting, coaling, turning the engine and finally taking her to be watered!!

HIGH JINKS on the PURBECK LINE with SWANAGE STEAM composed by THE YETTIES especially for this video. Pure fun and music with plenty of steam.

When we first embarked upon this video we had a few songs in mind, a location or two and that was all. There was no script, no plot, just a vague idea on how things should start and finish. It wasn't until we started to work and began to relax with Phil and Jenny and the Classic Video crew that ideas began to flow from all directions. I think there was a secret but unanimous decision that this could be fun. So it turned out to be and I hope it gives you as much pleasure in the watching as we had in the making. Special thanks to the Dorset weather for being so kind, the Purbecks for being so lovely and the staff of the Swanage Railway for being so co-operative. Dave Green gets an extra medal for the numerous cups of coffee despite the fact that on some days he was so busy he was puffing more smoke and steam than the M7.
Bonny Sartin

18.45 - DVD