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Eastleigh's 828

Eastleigh's 828


Designed and built at Eastleigh in 1927, No. 828 was based at Salisbury shed for the whole of her working life until withdrawn in 1964. She had travelled a reputed 1,287,124 miles primarily carrying heavy freight over the main line between London and Exeter, as well as from Salisbury to Southampton and Eastleigh.

No. 828 was also frequently rostered to passenger duties including express holiday reliefs - remember the heydays when
most seaside resorts had a railway station?!

For seventeen years the locomotive gently deteriorated at Barry Scrapyard until 1981 when, with the assistance and support from Eastleigh Borough Council, she was rescued by the Eastleigh Railway Preservation Society. No. 828 was the 122nd
locomotive to leave Barry!

Twelve years and 30,000 hours of dedicated restoration work brings 828 full circle to the steaming, gleaming machine we see today. Since returning to steam, new ground has been broken and No. 828 has travelled many routes previously denied her, including the Settle-Carlisle and probably the highlight of her career to date, participating in the five-engine line-up at Liandudno Junction to mark the end of BR, where she was proud to be the chosen representative of the former

Southern Railway.
The prime person in the rescue and restoration of 828 was former Erecting Shop Foreman at Fastleigh Works, Harry Frith. His recollections, together with son Harry Frith (Jnr) and Chairman of ERPS Godfrey Olson, provide us with a fascinating account of this award-winning SiS Class locomotive. Superb archive footage, stills and of course,
the main line excursions undertaken since 828ís return to work are included for your enjoyment.

The future of 828 depends on you! - by purchasing this video you will be contributing to that future.

Front cover photographs: Barry I. Eagles
Narration: Bonny Sartin
Running time: approximately 60 minutes

£16.95 - DVD