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Look at Thomas Hardy's Dorset

Look at Thomas Hardy's Dorset


Look at Thomas Hardy’s Dorset takes you on a visual journey through the beautiful county of Dorset.

It leads you on a pilgramage to the dramatic and atmospheric landscapes which influenced Thomas hardy in his writings, from the dramatic 'Egdon Heath' to the beautiful 'Valley of the Little dairies.' The cottage of his birth 'Tranter Dewy’s' cottage in 'Under the Greenwood Tree' and the actual tree in 'Yalbury Wood'. Thomas Hardy liked to move places and buildings within his books, just as he re-named them. These places are still here in his beloved county for all to see, but must first be found.

This video enables you to find and enjoy these places you have read about in the writings of Dorset’s greatest literary son Thomas Hardy.

£13.00 - DVD