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A Weekend at Halsway Manor

A Weekend at Halsway Manor


Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Quantock Hills in Somerset, Halsway Manorís location is truly superb. Acquired by the Halsway Manor Society in 1965 it is the only residential folk centre in the UK and for a great many years The Yetties have hosted a weekend gathering in February.

This event is always oversubscribed Ė such is itís popularity! This hardy bunch of enthusiasts subject themselves to a weekend of wall to wall entertainment, including three dances, a concert, musical workshops, lectures/talks and of course, singalongs in the bar!

Helping to provide the energy to face all this activity is the superb and plentiful catering provided by the Halsway Manor staff.

So, if youíve ever wondered what all the fuss is about then this DVD provides the answers. Shot for the first time in High Definition format, it fully captures the atmosphere of the weekends activities plus a wealth of musical favourites, including: Poor Poor Farmer, Rambleaway, My brother Sylveste, Piperís Prayer, Maggie May, The January Man, Dill Pickle Rag, Lord of the Dance, The Life of a Man, Wave over Wave, The Class Routine, Sherborne Hornpipe, Acreman Steet Jig, Lady Walpoleís Reel, Leave her Johnny and Leave her.

£18.45 - DVD