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May 2006 - Newsletter 82

'40 Years of The Yetties' Commemorative Calendar for 2007

I now have a fine stock of these and I must say the designers and printers have done a cracking job. Each month has a different 'Yetties Through the Ages' photo or LP sleeve and on the reverse of the actual calendar bit there are press cuttings and snippets about us which I gleaned from our archive. Do not fret there is not a bare leg or any other distracting part of our anatomies in sight. Heaven forbid, it would not be pretty. Even to contemplate it makes me shudder. They are 5 each with an additional 75p post and packing. Cheques to 'The Yetties' naturally. Or, of course, you can buy them from the web shop.

Yetties at Halsway Manor DVD/Video

We, once again, had a shattering but enjoyable weekend at Halsway in February. Phil and Jenny from Classic Media came down with us to film little bits and pieces for the 40th anniversary DVD and were so intrigued by the house, the company and the overall atmosphere that they just kept filming. In fact we finished up with 11 hours of tape, or whatever they use these days. The outcome of this is that we are well into editing a DVD of the weekend. At the moment we are up to 1 hour 13 minutes and we still have the final bits and pieces to add on so we are going to finish up with a film of at least 1 hour 20 minutes. There is some more titivating to do and I dare say the computer is due for a fair bit more tongue lashing before we are done but Jenny is well into the sleeve design so it shouldn't be too long into the future before we have the finished product. Shall we say 1st of July but earlier of we can make it.

Old Yetties LPs

I am now arranging for these to be bought through the web shop, should you be up to date with all that there technology. No sooner am I getting low on supplies than someone comes along with another batch of LPs so thank you all very much. I was given eight last week, which were absolutely pristine. They said they'd only been played twice and my first reaction was a bit off hand, to be honest, but then they explained they'd listened to them once then taped them so that they would not get warn out. I was mollified and very grateful.

LPs in stock at the moment are: Keep A Runnin'; Our Friends The Yetties; Dorset Is Beautiful; The World of The Yetties; All At Sea; The Yetties of Yetminster; The Village Band; Up In Arms; Up Market; In Concert; Dorset Style; A Little Bit of Dorset; The Yetties and Top of the Crops. If you would like any of these to add to your collection please ring 01935 814611. They cost 5 each plus 1 post and packing. Cheques to Halsway Manor.

Memory Lane (Jim Lloyd)

Back in the early 70's we were touring the folk clubs and festivals and getting more work than we could handle. There were loads of engagements but very little money for four blokes trying to earn a living with the looming possibility of wedding bells, mortgages etc. etc. in the not too far distant future. We were doing 40,000 miles a year in beat up Humber Estate cars (How I wish I'd hung on to one them) and were getting to the stage when something had to go before we fell apart. Enter Jim Lloyd, who for many years presented the folk programmes on Radio 2. He had realised, from the number of letters he was getting about us, that we were working too hard for too little money and that before long something would have to give. He said if we would let him be our manager he would cut the number of dates, treble our fee overnight, get us into concert halls, sort out a recording contract and find us work on radio and television. To be honest we were not too sure but eventually signed the contract and so began an excellent partnership, which survived the ups and downs of 'show business' for 13 years.

We were, let's face it, raw country lads somewhat in awe of the mountain we had to rapidly climb. Just to go into a theatre without quaking at the knees was quite something and then there was the technical jargon to pick up, the lights and sound equipment to use and the stage staff to handle. Jim did a great job here although I'm sure there were times when he must have despaired of his charges. He also, true to his word got us the recording contract and the mass media attention.

Jim now lives in Australia but he is coming over here for a spell in the summer and we hope to meet up with him and have a chat for the 40th Anniversary DVD. It will be a real reversal of roles. Us interviewing him instead of the other way around.

Yetminster Fair

For those who haven't been to Yetminster Fair you really ought to give it a try. This is the quintessential Dorset village event. Thousands come to buy their bargains and soak up the atmosphere in the sunshine. It's the once-a-year occasion where we meet old friends and catch up on all the news. Last year was one of the best and will take some beating but we'll have a go on Saturday, 8th of July.

If you want information about camping etc. or tickets for our evening Concert in the marquee you need to get in touch with Derek Mott, Stonechat, High Street, Yetminster, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 6LF. Tel. 01935 872123.

The staff of Sherborne Tourist Information are on hand with a list of accommodation to help you should you require a bed for the night. We have everything in the neighbourhood from a castle to a cow stall depending on your finances or how rural you wish to be. Tel. 01935 815341.

Folk Brittania

I'm rather hoping that most of you missed this atrocious portrayal of the Folk Revival on one of the more obscure TV Channels. If you did tune in then I trust you didn't take it too seriously or had the sense to switch it off rather rapidly. What the producer was trying to say, apart from ruining the image of folk music completely, I really don't know. The series was mostly filled with the sad and grotty elements who attached themselves to the folk scene at that time. The sort of elements that gave 'FOLK' a very bad name and from which the general public, naturally, backed away and which disgusted the majority of people involved. There was a lot about the drugs scene and there were the obligatory people singing with their fingers in their ears and sounding like they had their fingers down their throats. The various aspects of English dance didn't get a mention and you would think that the dozens of festivals and other activities that came into being at that time never happened.

There, I said, it. Grumpy Git, Sherborne, Dorset.

On the other hand The Culture Show last week on BBC2 did an excellent piece about Morris Dancing. Thank you for that.