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May 1996 - Newsletter 52

I found myself explaining what the Music Night was all about the other day and afterwards it occured to me that we take it very much for granted because we have run it for so many years and that a piece in the Newsletter might not come amiss

It is held at The West End Hall, Sherborne, Dorset on the 1st Wednesday of every month (except Janurary). The hall is not that easy to find so if you are interested we can send you a map.

Sometimes we book professional guests to entertain but mostly it is for those performers who don't get a chance to show off their talents elsewhere. It never ceases to amaze me how many artists there are in the area with wonderful skills both musical and vocal. Folk, jazz, classical all get a very warm reception from a very broad minded audience. If you have a yearning to air your particular talent in a very friendly atmosphere then the club is the place for you.

The great thing is if you perform you don't pay !!!

I know a lot of you need no introductior toYetminster Fair. Many of you have been there, done that and come back for more. For those of you who haven't been down for the big day give yourselves a treat and take the weekend off. Yetminster is an extremely attractive village and the natives are friendly. The concert in the evening is 'Yetties at Home' and tickets for this and information about camping etc, can be gleaned from Ron and June Page, 3 Bucklers Mead, Yetminster, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 6LA Tel: 01935 872940.

On the Friday night (12th July) we will have our usual gathering at The Weavers Club, Westbury, Sherborne. We'll provide a bit of nosebag and there will undoubtedly be music and song.

Our summer season in Weymouth starts on Tuesday, 2nd of July and runs through until the 8th of October, The only Tuesday we miss is the 3rd of September when we will be in Newfoundland. We are also in The Ocean Room, with other artists, on British Music Day (30th June) and on Friday, 19th of July where we shall, apparently, be invaded by sailing types.

Back in 1983 we toured Newfoundland as part of the celebrations for the 400th anniversary of the official founding of the province. At the end of August we are paying another visit to help raise funds to rebuild The Lester-Garland House in Trinity. When finished it is hoped to use the house as a museum and educational centre to promote the historical links between Newfoundland and the West of England and in particular those between Trinity and Dorset. This is the dream of Alan Perry, who is the driving force behind our Wimborne concerts each March, and I'm sure he will get there. Last year for instance he rode a penny farthing across Newfoundland collecting money on the way. He fell off after 40 miles and cycled the remaining 120 with a broken arm.

Incidentally we are performing our 'Banks of Newfoundland' concert at Coldharbour Mill, Uffculme, Devon on Friday, 28th of June. Tel: 01884 840960.

Yes, we will be having some T Shirts printed this year I got nagged a bit last year because we didn't have any so we're putting that right. These days they can do awfully clever things with the printing so they will have the full colour replica of our poster on the front. (The one with us looking through a farm-house window). They will cost 11.95 plus 1.00 P&P (within UK). I thought they worked out a bit expensive in full colour but then I discovered that Manchester United charge 60 for one of their shirts. I also understand that one set of Strip they were selling was a dull grey colour and couldn't be identified across the pitch by the players.

The St. John Ambulance in Dorset are trying to raise loads of money to renovate buildings and increase the scope of the excellent work they do. We are helping them with a Barn Dance at Lower Barton Farm (just about a mile south of Cern Abbas), Nether Cerne. Tickets are available from Mrs S. Gallia, Nether Cerne, Dorchester, Dorset. DT2 7AJ. Telephone: 01300 341207.

For those of you who are interested in steam locomotives I have been involved recently in some filming and voiceover work for an hour long video about this lovely old lady. It has taken the renovation team 12 years of meticulous labour to get her back on the rails and she is now the oldest locomotive with a main line certificate. The video tells the history of the class, how the renovation was done, shows the checks carried out by the BR staff and her journeys since. The cost of the video is 15.95 inc. P&P within UK. Cheques payable to The Yetties' please.