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Welcome to The Yetties

The Yetties are one of England's most popular folk groups. They take their name from the Dorset village of Yetminster which was their childhood home. Their obvious love of the West Country, it's songs, stories and humour wins them friends wherever they go.

The Yetties

The Yetties are...
Bonny Sartin
Pete Shutler
Mac McCulloch

The Yetties


The Final Fling Weekend

The Yetties retirement weekend, 8th-10th of April, went with a real swing. Obviously it meant a great many farewells but the atmosphere was one of celebration. I will certainly remember all my days and I trust those who came will tuck it away in their heads as something to savour in the years to come. The event was helped no end by the weather. Those who had travelled to Sherborne from afar were treated to wall to wall sunshine and the town looking at its very best.

Thank you so much to all those friends who decided that we might needed cheering up and bought us presents. These came in a wide variety of shapes, tastes and sizes. Mountains of chocolates, roses, a Norfolk pineapple plant complete with a small fruit, which looks a bit like a stick hand grenade, and loads of cards and books explaining what retirement was all about and how to tackle it. On top of this there were gorgeous bunches of flowers for our long-suffering wives.

Civic Honour

Sherborne Town Council paid us a great honour by presenting us with a citation at the Saturday night concert. This is only the third time they have done such a thing and we were all very proud to receive the plaque from Jane Smith, the Town Mayor. It reads, 'In recognition of service to music and entertainment in Sherborne and the rest of the world as a member of The Yetties folk group.'

All the best, Bonny, Pete and Mac.